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Design Quality Management Department, Mold Department, Injection Department, Printing Department, Assembly Department


Design Quality Management Department

Complete production traceability table

The“Traceability System”can trace the information of each production stage, processing stage, distribution stage, and sales stage.


The SOP provides the working rules of our employees regarding work descriptions and regulations in order to achieve operation consistency and standardization.
The SIP provides quality inspection standards for quality control (QC) personnel


Standardization of the quality control system

Each product reflects our belief in our quality control system!
High-quality inspection and inspection processes are our basic promises to our customers. We are diligent, with quality requirements that are stricter than international regulations.

Professional team and technical analysis

Mold flow analysis, Mold design, Model assessment, Mold review, Quality control

Mold Department

Our company has a professional mold manufacturing factory and high-precision mold manufacturing equipment. Our mold technicians have good experience and high motility and can quickly provide the best mold forming services to satisfy our customers’requirements.
• High-precision vertical milling machines
• CNC electric discharge machining tools
• High-precision grinding
• High-precision lathes
• CNC igh-speed machining tools
• High-precision measurement tools and inspection equipment


Injection Department 

•Single-color injection molding machine
•Double-color injection molding machine
We have established a complete production traceability table for mold injection, and all of our products are protected by our SOP, SIP, and quality control system, thus manufacturing standardized products and providing the highest quality and most trustworthy products for our customers!


Printing Department

We have a variety of advanced printing equipment, including printing moving, hot foil stamping, laser engraving, screening, and printing transferring equipment. We also integrate professional surface processing techniques, including electro-plating, labeling, baking varnish, and coating, in order to provide ample options for our customers according to their product requirements.


Assembly Department

Our assembly department has cutting-edge automated equipment to improve our production efficiency. Furthermore, we have strict production process management and complete product test and integration operation processes, from packaging and inspection to delivery, in order to achieve our quality control.


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